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Cherry Blossoms and Cape Chikyu Tour in May 12 ~vol.1~

Posted by on 2017年5月13日

Hello! I’m Yoshie Kobayashi of Noboribetsu Gateway Center.

We had a special guide tour,Cherry Blossoms and Cape Chikyu yesterday.
The guests are a nice couple from Hong Kong.
Thank you very much for joining my tour!
I sent a massage to your FB from Noboribetsu gateway center FB.
Please, check it later.

Now,some cherry blossoms has already gone like Ezoyama Sakura, but you can enjoy other kind of sakura here.
First, we visited some good spots of Sakura.


It is called ” Kasumi Zakura ” in Japanese.
Japanese Kasumi means a mist. It looks like a mist, isn’t it ?

After this place, we went to the garden in Noboribetsu Hometown Museum.
In this garden, there are 8 kinds of Sakura we can see.
Some are blooming now and some are not yet.


We could enjoy watching beautiful sakura and taking photos there.

2 Responses to Cherry Blossoms and Cape Chikyu Tour in May 12 ~vol.1~

  1. Yoshie Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad !
  2. David Thank you, Yoshie for your professional work.